JBNC Career Opportunities

John Boner Neighborhood Centers has a variety of employment opportunities available, both in office and virtual. View our current opportunities below. 

Financial Success

Customer Service Manager – CARES Eligibility
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: The CARES Frontline Services Manager will play a vital role in helping eligible community members access energy and rental assistance. You’ll be overseeing the day-to-day operations and activities of the CARES Team, the staff responsible for eligibility-based program applications. The CARES Service Manager will provide administrative support, act as a staff trainer, and lead customer service for Community Assistance Response, Engagement & Supports (CARES) that strengthen the Near Eastside of Indianapolis.  As the CARES Frontline Services Manager, you will play a vital role in helping community members as an administrative and supervisory lead at John Boner Neighborhood Centers! 

This is a full-time, program and administrative manager position.

Bilingual Front Desk Customer Service Representative (Part-Time)
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: As the “front-end” staff member for the Boner Center, the Front Desk Customer Service Representative is responsible for ensuring all customers are greeted and directed to the appropriate resources within the organization.  The Representative is responsible for maintaining the overall front office, including the reception area, and involves light clerical work. 

This is a part-time position. Fluency in written and spoken English and Spanish required.

Financial Coach
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: As Financial Coach, you will play a vital role in helping community members with low- to moderate- incomes reach their financial goals and expand their financial capability. Through one-on-one financial counseling/coaching, you will support eligible customers to develop realistic spending, savings, and debt management plans; improve or build credit; develop emergency savings; and build assets. The Financial Coach will also build strategic partnerships with financial institutions to offer customers meaningful financial products and services to assist customers in achieving their goals.

This is a full-time, exempt position, reporting to the Director of Financial Foundations.

Education Achievement

EDGE Youth Worker
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: as Youth Worker, you will play a vital role in supporting participants at the EDGE Afterschool Program. You’ll be an important part of providing Excellence, Discovery, and Growth through Education (EDGE).  You’ll help provide a safe, engaging, and educational experience for participants.

This is a part-time, entry-level, out-of-school hours position.

Licensed Reading Interventionist (Elementary School)
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: The John Boner Neighborhood Center (JBNC) is seeking licensed elementary education Reading Interventionists who will play a vital role in strengthening the educational outcomes of youth. This role is part of a partnership with Brookside Elementary and Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School. Reading Interventionists will work with Near Eastside kindergarten through 6th grade students who are identified as at-risk in Reading. As a licensed Reading Interventionist, you will be a part of each student’s growth and success!

This is a full-time, non-exempt position for a licensed K-6 elementary education teacher.

Staff and Program Coordinator (IEAZ)
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: John Boner Neighborhood Centers’ Staff and Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring our youth programs are equipped to offer high quality programming and services to families. The Indy East Achievement Zone Staff and Program Coordinator will assume leadership of the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of our direct service staff. This position will also take on leadership of our summer camp programs and assume leadership roles at one or multiple afterschool sites.


Property Manager
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: The Property Manager is responsible for all aspects of successful property management for senior housing including the development and monitoring of company policies and procedures related to property management; responsible for recruitment, training, development; the leasing of units, the screening and application process, rent collection, resident charges, legal fees, payment plans, the eviction or termination processes, the timely preparation of vacant units for lease, and resident certifications/re-certifications.  

In this role, the Property Manager will oversee two multi-family properties with a total of 98 units. One property is presently undergoing a renovation, the second property has completed the renovation.

Community Development

RFP for Language Services for IndyEast Promise Neighborhoods Initiative
Indianapolis, IN United States

Project Objective: To procure Promise Neighborhood Language Translation Services for Marketing Materials for the John Boner Neighborhood Centers in support of the implementation of the IndyEast Promise Neighborhood Initiative. The selected service provider will support the project execution team and the IndyEast Consortium in the implementation of the Promise Neighborhood grant provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

Project Leader, Community Development
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: As Project Leader, you will work with staff, partners, and residents to manage implementation of projects and events to create a vibrant and thriving eastside community. You will lead event planning and execution, including all responsibilities related to the selection and management of venues; assist with program design and implementation of new and existing grants; manage our volunteers involved with activities across the near Eastside, Martindale Brightwood, and Twin-Aire neighborhoods; and promote different projects and initiatives through social media.

IndyEast Promise Zone (IEPZ) AmeriCorps VISTA Positions
Indianapolis, IN United States

As lead organization of the IndyEast Promise Zone, JBNC is coordinating the search to fill six AmeriCorps VISTA positions. Your term of service will be dedicated to alleviating poverty on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis via goals related to Community Engagement, Housing, Education, Public Safety, Economic Development, and Job Creation. Selected candidates will serve a 12-month term of service.

Interested candidates must apply through the AmeriCorps website (direct links below).

General duties include: Coordinating Promise Zone committee and working group meetings; working with community partners to implement strategies for accomplishing Promise Zone goals; developing processes and systems to communicate and engage with neighbors regarding the successes and challenges of IEPZ initiatives; and collaborating with the Promise Zone Director as well as representatives from the City of Indianapolis, the IU Public Policy Institute, and other evaluation partners to collect and report on outcome data.

Available Positions:
As Digital & Strategic Communications Coordinator VISTA you will be responsible for managing multiple communications platforms, including existing Promise Zone website and social media accounts, and will develop/implement a communications strategy for IEPZ across these and other platforms. You will work with the Promise Zone Director and Implementation Partners to capture and share stories demonstrating the impact of IEPZ initiatives in the neighborhood, which will involve translating those success stories for a diverse group of stakeholders, including: federal and city government officials, funders, and neighborhood residents. Interested? Apply here.

As Data & Evaluation Coordinator VISTA, you will track performance metrics for IEPZ initiatives and will work closely with the IU Public Policy Institute and other research partners to support ongoing data collection and mapping efforts across all IEPZ committees. You will prepare data reports for IEPZ committee and workgroup meetings, and will identify ways to refine data collection processes. Additionally, you will work with staff and the Safe IndyEast committee to implement activities focused on IEPZ safety goals, including crime prevention, youth intervention programming, and supportive reentry services. Interested? Apply here.

As Education & Workforce Development Coordinator VISTA, you will work with Promise Zone Director and co-chairs of the Learn IndyEast and Work IndyEast committees to achieve IEPZ goals related to education and workforce development. You will build the committees’ capacity by leading committee and working group meetings and will plan/implement strategies to engage the community in education and workforce development. You will also research, plan, and develop partnerships to support education and workforce development goals. Interested? Apply here.

As Research & Evaluation Coordinator VISTA, you will take an active role in developing research practices, with a focus on quantitative data. You will develop research summaries and logic models for strategic initiatives and will support evaluation components of neighborhood engagement projects via data collection—including, but not limited to—conducting stakeholder surveys and interviews. You will work collaboratively to develop the infrastructure and protocols for disseminating information to targeted audiences, such as: anchor institutions, city leadership, businesses, area non-profits, philanthropic organizations, and area residents. Additionally, you will work with staff and the Live IndyEast committee to implement initiatives to achieve IEPZ housing goals. Interested? Apply here.

As Community & Economic Development Coordinator VISTA, you will be placed at various local community development corporations (CDC) on the Eastside and will work with representatives of those CDCs to build capacity within their respective organizations and increase economic activity surrounding: small business support, community development, and creative infrastructure. You will work at your designated site four days of the week, and will join the other five VISTA members one day a week for personal and professional development.  Interested? Apply here.


Maintenance Groundskeeper
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: Performs high quality maintenance working on existing grounds and uses various hand tools and gas-powered tools to mow and maintain John Boner Neighborhood Centers’ properties. This includes multi- and single-family housing units and commercial buildings.

Maintenance Technician
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: Performs high quality maintenance and repairs to John Boner Neighborhood Centers’ properties. This includes multifamily, single family housing units and commercial buildings.


On-Call Bus Driver
Indianapolis, IN United States

Position Summary: The On-Call, Part-Time Bus Driver position is responsible for safely transporting individuals and groups participating in John Boner Neighborhood Centers’ programs and activities, ensuring accurate data collection and entry, working with other drivers, community organizations, and JBNC staff to offer reliable, timely transportation services for all participants. 

This individual with be available on call to fill in for shifts that occur during morning, afternoon, and evening time slots. This position reports directly to the Transportation Coordinator at the Boner Fitness and Learning Center.

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