PACT Employment Program

Preparing, Achieving and Caring for Tomorrow!

Are you a 10th through 12th grader looking for fun summer employment? Or, are you a parent of a high schooler looking for a job opportunity for your teen?

The Preparing, Achieving and Caring for Tomorrow Program (PACT) offers high school youth the opportunity to work as a paid junior counselor at our EDGE Summer Camp! PACT was developed to positively engage high school youth throughout the summer months and provide them with an opportunity of a unique first employment experience.

The EDGE Summer Camp runs Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

CAMP DATES: JUNE 10 - JULY 19, 2024
PACT Counselor Coming Soon!

Our PACT Youth Employment program exposes older youth to a variety of employment skills to help prepare them in acquiring and retaining future employment. As a PACT junior counselor, youth will be working in a field full of responsibility, professionalism, leadership, ethics, and integrity. Our PACT positions offer an intense learning experience that prepares youth for the foundational skills needed for any type of employment. Throughout the summer, PACT youth will engage in the following type of activities: workforce development and exploration, post-graduation readiness and exploration, and leadership development.

Our hope is that by the end of camp, our PACT junior counselors gain the following skills:

  • Communicate with team members, supervisors, and customers
  • Engage in good teamwork and decision making
  • Learn to take initiative, manage their time well, and manage conflicts on the job
  • Develop group facilitation and classroom management skills
  • Become comfortable with leading activities with youth and engage with project-based learning
  • Have a greater understanding of youth development

Over the years, our PACT junior counselors are seen as “the coolest person on earth” in the eyes of the young summer campers. 

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