IndyEast Achievement Zone

Two Generations, One Future

The IndyEast Achievement Zone (IEAZ) is the result of community-driven, long-range planning efforts focused on transforming the neighborhoods east of downtown Indianapolis. It is designed to provide access to educational opportunities, economic supports and networks of social capital; break down silos, mobilize policy leaders, and engage residents in community development. The IEAZ is bold initiative to break the cycle of generational poverty by wrapping children in a seamless pipeline of health, social, and educational supports from birth through college and career. All children and families can prosper by effectively coordinating the efforts of schools, families, social services, health centers, and community-building programs.

Two Generations of Success

The IndyEast Achievement Zone represents a two-generation strategy, recognizing the power of supporting both children and their families, who thrive when they are healthy and have access to exceptional educational opportunities for all members, strong economic supports, and deep networks of social capital.

IEAZ’s cradle-to-career Pipeline of Services embraces the integration of evidenced based solutions into high-quality, data-driven schools to support the needs of every child and family living in the community.

How does it work?

The “whole-family” approach ensures services are integrated for children and their families across the educational and developmental domains of Learn Early (early-childhood), Learn in School (school-age), Learn for College and Career (high school and postsecondary through adulthood), and Learn in Community (whole-family).

Families are supported by interdepartmental teams who provide assistance and monitor families participating in pipeline services in any of the identified domains.

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